We are the ‘go-to market’ tech PR and marketing partner for exciting businesses with complex, B2B technology propositions

Our strength lies in our team of determined, talented people with a wealth of expertise acquired through years of experience helping tech businesses to captivate their markets, and a natural instinct for creativity. We live and breathe technology, and have built up an invaluable network of influencers and journalist in the tech sector.

What you get (in a nutshell)


Competitor analysis, market positioning & communications strategy development


Disruptive messaging, campaigns and content to help your brand stand out

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Access to our extensive network of journalists and influencers

Our work

We work in partnership with exciting tech businesses ranging from startups to large multinational organisations (find out more about our work here) specialising in unified communicationstelecoms, mobile services, cyber security, IT software, cloud services, data communications and systems integration to name a few areas. Our client may be diverse, but they all have one thing in common: the ambition to captivate their markets and an understanding of the power of strategic PR and marketing in achieving this goal.

 Fortinet logo in frame mobileiron logo in frame

How Silicon Valley upstart Fortinet muscled its way into the UK market

From European expansion to $100m IPO in less than 4 years

Shake it up.

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More about what we do…

We don’t believe in upholding the status quo. The status quo is distinctly average.

We want to see real change. Not just fresh thinking and new ideas, but tangible, revolutionary challenges to the existing order. Because in our heart of hearts, we fundamentally believe in the power of technology as a disruptive force and catalyst for positive change.

Ultimately, we know innovation is a good thing. And we champion those tech upstarts tirelessly rocking the boat. But to truly disrupt the order of things, you need to start a movement – by grabbing attention, recruiting an army of advocates and fronting a compelling and necessary alternative.

You’ll need to formulate, articulate, influence, attract, target, nurture and automate with one intense purpose: to outwit your competition at every turn and captivate your market until your cause becomes the new norm.

 To find out more about how you can shake it up, download our guide to market captivation now


We are Cohesive. The ‘go-to market’ PR & marketing partner for exciting businesses with complex, B2B technology propositions looking to captivate the UK market space and accelerate growth.

If this sounds like you, we would love to talk. Please do get in touch.

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