Five businesses championing the EdTech cause

Today saw the bell ring for day one of BETT 2017, the annual fixture on the education technology calendar.

Long gone are the days when IT only existed as an hour long lesson a week with only one computer for every four pupils. For the next few days, ExCEL will be full of products that aim to help schools and educational institutions to embrace new practices and emerging technologies to enhance the learning process.

According to research carried out by our client KYOCERA Document Solutions before last year’s BETT show, the desire of students and teachers alike for faster adoption of emerging technologies, far outstrips the actual adoption rate across educational institutions.

“Only 8% of teachers and 12% of students felt that their organisation didn’t need to make any improvements to its technology over the next year” – KYOCERA Document Solutions

And although insufficient resources to invest in EdTech are often stated as the reason for its slow uptake, many educational institutions still miss out on the opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs with emerging technologies, such as more efficient printing and cloud services.

That’s why BETT remains an important event for the education sector; it brings together the people with the ideas and the tech to really transform education and, in turn, the learning experience.

We’ve been taking registration to see who’s present, and have identified five exhibitors who have the makings of class prefect…


Data is imperative to monitoring and improving school performance as well as communicating with parents and students, but it also needs to be security protected. Requirements of the Data Protection Act mean that educational institutions need to be in full control of who has access to their data, and that’s where Wonde comes in. It is easily installed and integrated, and simplifies the way in which school data is accessed by third party applications.


Every good marketer knows how engaging and powerful video can be, and with younger generations watching more video content than ever before, it’s definitely a tool that should be fully exploited in the education space. I remember how excited we all got when the video player and TV were set up at the beginning of a lesson. Well, Annoto has the potential to take e-learning to the next level, by allowing real-time engagement and collaboration with video content for students and teachers, for a more immersive learning experience.

Annoto video engagement

Check out the demo here.

Cuppla Technology 

Edtech Research shows that students and teachers alike have a strong appetite for both cloud and BYOD. And with even more digital being used in classrooms, having a place to easily store and allow mobile access to this content is even more important. Cuppla’s SaaS solution is an innovative, centralised way for teachers to share content and applications with students, via their smartphones and tablets.


Anything with the potential to let teachers spend more time teaching and less time on administration is going to be very welcome in the education space. Arbor’s smart cloud MIS brings all their data together in one place, with access anywhere and anytime. The platform looks pretty intuitive to us, allowing teachers to track and monitor pupil progress, with valuable insights available at the click of a button.

Arbor’s platform

Schools Broadband

With so much more to do to enhance education through emerging technologies, the education industry doesn’t have time to worry about connectivity, which is a basic requirement for any successful EdTech strategy. This is where specialist ISP Schools Broadband comes in: providing secure, reliable connectivity for educational institutions is their bread and butter.

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