How we helped ospero take the lead in the silver linings playbook

This start-up had an innovative solution to the problems associated with compliance and security on the cloud. They could answer questions a lot of people were asking – but it’s hard to be heard when you are the new kids on the block and everyone is too busy to listen. Cohesive helped ospero get some of the attention they deserved and now they’re well on the way to captivating their market in a big way.

“Cohesive did a great job understanding the value of our disruptive approach and knew exactly how to get that across to market influencers and buyers.”
Chris Leigh-Currill, CEO, Ospero

The challenge

Good cloud bad cloud

IT professionals have an ambivalent attitude to the cloud. On the one hand they see the benefits and realise that it’s something they have to embrace. But on the other they are wary of the risks. Disruptive and fascinating, it’s too good to leave at home. Yet it’s ridiculously difficult to manage at work, an environment where information security and industry compliance are of paramount importance.

A simple but capable solution

Ospero is a relatively young UK start-up with a solution to this awkward dilemma. Their small team of experienced technical architects and cloud visionaries has successfully created a unique automated platform to submerge highly complex cloud IT environments under a unified drag-and-drop management interface that’s incredibly simple to use. With a mantra of ‘Consume without complexity’, the company equips IT teams to streamline the way in which their business accesses the cloud, thereby maintaining compliance whilst boosting productivity and security.

Too much information

Exciting stuff. But in today’s era of information overload it’s not enough to have a great new offering – you also have to do a very good job of telling your story. And, with limited resources, that’s where they were struggling.

The solution

The team at Ospero had not only developed an innovative solution, but an appealing marketing message. While cloud vendors shout ‘Use it fast – we’ll fix it later’ and the old guard retorts with ‘Slow up – we’re here to help’, Ospero’s offers a third way that’s very appealing – ‘Act now to help yourselves’.

Here come the Cohesive cavalry

The self-help, self-reliance message is a powerful one. But getting it heard above the hubbub was proving too much for a small team with no in-house marketing capability. Cohesive were drafted in to act as CMO, Campaigns Manager, Designer, Copywriter and PR Pro.

We set to work, with immediate results

1. We created a completely new proposition and story, promoting greater relevance and understanding with buyers’ cloud experiences and journeys
2. We directed a complete overhaul of their website, transforming it into a content marketing hub, integrated with social media engagement and outbound email campaigns (for optimum joined-up-ness and efficiency.)
3. We managed and co-authored a rich editorial schedule of blogs, videos, case studies and technical documentation, to extract maximum value from the world-class intellect of Ospero experts and to drive streams of outbound and inbound communications
4. The point of content is to attract a readership and nurture ongoing relationships. So we harnessed analytics and automation to create a comprehensive, bespoke lead scoring process inclusive of outbound and inbound prospect behaviour, and direct integration with Ospero’s Salesforce CRM and external telemarketing agency’s workflow, enabling maximum sales performance
5. We generated an immediate media profile in key UK IT and business publications through interviews and expert articles, influencing important journalists and commentators, and getting vertical sector messages across to large audiences

The Result

Valuable content pays big dividends

Our strategy of self-publishing through social channels proved to be an extremely effective way of getting the Ospero message heard and understood. Chris, the CEO, has worked at some of the biggest financial institutions and on some of the most ambitious IT projects in his 20-odd year career. Jeremy, CTO, has been a solution architect at big name vendors for most of his. Sharing their valuable experience and knowledge through the Ospero blog has done a great job of raising awareness of the brand and offering.

An added PR payoff

That same content has enabled us to deliver a steady stream of news stories through the Ospero channel mix. Every start-up struggles with customer stories – that’s just a fact of life. But Ospero’s opinions and viewpoints are generating earned coverage online, with the added benefit of attracting new eyeballs back to the site.

Recognition and credibility in abundance

Ospero has now successfully created a unique position for itself. It has leveraged a powerful content marketing platform to engage and understand its market. And it is now accepted by many key influencers as an early thought leader in driving business agility and value through the simplification of cloud consumption. As with all disruptive technology companies in fast-moving markets, the challenge will be to maintain relevance as circumstances evolve and competitors advance – but that’s something we’re well equipped to help them with.

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