Why disruptive technology alone isn’t enough to captivate your market

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The Rebels. The troublemakers…”
– Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs famously expressed the value of people to think different in order to innovate and change the world around them, the subtext of his argument was unquestionably the role of technology (namely, Apple’s technology) in enabling that process. For all its present day success, lest we forget Apple is a brand that took its time captivating the market with promise and purpose, and very nearly missed the opportunity to be more than a company that just made fantastic products.

If you’re an innovative technology business then you must disrupt or die. You care little for how it’s always been done; driving change at incredible speed as if it’s a race to make the previous generation of technology obsolete. But this isn’t enough to really succeed. Without marketing purpose, isn’t this innovation for innovation’s sake?

You seldom see a market truly captivated on the strength of new intellectual property alone, yet good marketing – a good story – can turn heads and demand closer attention.

Here are six fundamentals to any successful market captivation strategy:

1. Formulate your strategy based on market insights to differentiate and position your brand

2. Articulate your proposition and craft a simple and compelling story that creates an emotional connection with customers, partners and advocates

3. Influence your publics through purposeful PR, analyst and industry relations, creating advocates to tell your story for you

4. Target your audience through outbound marketing using web, email and direct marketing to nurture and generate sales opportunities

5. Attract attention through inbound marketing that utilises valuable content, social media and web tools to interact and engage your market

6. Automate marketing systems and processes to maximise effectiveness and improve all aspects of your marketing operations

So, think different. Be an upstart not a startup. Challenge the status quo and be disruptive. Create a story that can be powerfully told, easily understood and emotionally connects with your audience. Now you’re ready to captivate your market.


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