Camp David - Discover your story

You’re a David, in a world of Goliaths. They’ve marketing muscle and money to burn. So how do you slice through all their bellowing and bravado?

By communicating the essential, authentic story of you and your business. You know that when you’re in front of a customer, sharing your passions and commitment, they get you. What they’re really buying into is your why, not the what. And you need to bottle that – through great storytelling.

Camp David is a workshop (right now) and community (we hope soon) where you get to explore your why in the company of like-minded businesses, and weave it into a compelling story. The workshop is free to attend, if you’re a Welsh start-up or scale-up.

How to take part

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What happens next


We’ll keep you posted on dates for the workshop. And keep an eye on our Twitter feed for more insights.