BroadSoft breaks through the noise at CeBIT with cloud-based UC launch

Grabbing a slice of the market in a new territory dominated by established players is not an easy task. And to break into a new geographic territory at one of the largest and most internationally represented trade shows is even more of a challenge. But this is exactly BroadSoft set out to achieve at CeBIT in March 2016, with Cohesive to guide the way.

“CeBIT was a fantastic step forward for BroadSoft in establishing ourselves in the German market. Working with Cohesive, we were able to turn our ambition into a reality” 
– Cheryl Ragland, VP Corporate Marketing, BroadSoft

A powerful partner

BroadSoft is a leading cloud communication software and service provider that works with its customers worldwide to help them work smarter and stay connected, in turn supporting millions of subscribers. In early 2016, the company took a significant step by joining forces with telecoms giant Vodafone Germany to launch One Net Business – a mobile first, cloud based UC service based on BroadSoft’s solutions.

The deal with Vodafone Germany was signed, sealed and delivered. BroadSoft’s solutions were firmly embedded into a product that was set to shake up the German market.

Breaking out of the shadows

The launch of One Net Business providing the perfect platform to promote the BroadSoft brand and its expertise in cloud communications. This new partnership with a high profile brand needed to be maximised.

But although BroadSoft is essentially the powerhouse behind One Net Business, there was a risk that the brand would be overlooked by customers, press and analysts in favour of its globally influential partner,Vodafone. It was our mission to make sure that BroadSoft got the recognition it deserved during the product launch at CeBIT, and avoided being overshadowed by Vodafone. This, in turn, would help to raise its profile in the region and set the foundations for it to become a trusted brand in the eyes of the German B2B audience.

Ready to take the stage

Cohesive became closely involved with the launch marketing campaign at a relatively early stage and quickly became the BroadSoft point of contact for Vodafone, shaping the strategic messaging around communications for the product launch. Our overarching goal, for each aspect of the campaign, was to ensure BroadSoft was front and centre in all aspects for the launch – from Vodafone’s opening press conference and media announcements to media briefings and breakout sessions.

Moving beyond media relations

But we didn’t want to stop there. Yes, BroadSoft wanted to position itself centre stage at the launch of One Net Business at CeBIT. But Cohesive saw that there were plenty of other opportunities to shout about the partnership beyond the five days of the event itself, and even to its audiences in other geographic territories.

To achieve this, Cohesive developed a content strategy that would embrace written content, video and social channels. We wanted to share the excitement of the launch at CeBIT with BroadSoft’s wider global audience through regular Twitter, LinkedIn and blog updates, using images, video and quotes from the show floor.

The BroadSoft blog
The BroadSoft blog
Tweets from @BroadSoftNews

BroadSoft and Vodafone: A documentary

Over the course of the week, Cohesive worked with a local film crew to gather video footage of the launch. This included breakout sessions and workshops that BroadSoft were involved in, interviews with senior executives from both BroadSoft and Vodafone and other show footage to capture the buzz around the launch. On camera we talked to BroadSoft’s CEO, CMO and EMEA MD, as well as many of the sales and product team. Vodafone Germany executives were also featured and we captured product demos and breakout sessions. We even managed to film the new product’s first customer!

After the show, we worked with our editing team to produce a series of short videos as well as a documentary style film telling the story of the launch.

Basking in the limelight

BroadSoft wanted to gain recognition for solutions and expertise during the launch of One Net Business, and together, we managed to achieve not only this, but much more.

Throughout the event, the BroadSoft brand was ever present. Not only did we ensure that it was a significant part of the press conference, and included in Vodafone breakout sessions, but BroadSoft execs were prominent in the flurry of press and analyst briefings that took place. BroadSoft was able to tell its story again and again – demonstrating its commitment to innovation and delivering best in class solutions.

Press and analysts covered the launch of the product extensively, with BroadSoft mentioned heavily in German publications including ComputerWoche, Telecom Handel, Portal Telekommunikation, and Wirtschaftswoche.

Coverage of One Net Business in Telecom Handel, March 2016
Coverage of One Net Business in Telecom Handel, March 2016

Social media activity meant this was not just confined to Germany – the news had global reach and the eminence of BroadSoft’s close partnership with Vodafone was clear for all to see.

BroadSoft press coverage in Telecompaper, March 2016

BroadSoft’s core messages were reiterated again and again throughout the video content allowing BroadSoft to use this material online, across social channels and at other events…in fact, it is already earmarked to be included at its annual user conference, BroadSoft Connections.

“CeBIT actually became more than just a product launch – it marked the turning point for both companies. BroadSoft clearly transitioned from supplier to partner.”
– Taher Behbehani, BroadSoft CMO

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