We’re seasoned professionals with 20 years of practical experience behind us. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than helping tech upstarts penetrate crowded UK markets and giving the big boys the shock of their lives.

Mark Waite

strategy, propositions, public relations

Mark was one of the founders of Cohesive in 1992 and over the years has developed an invaluable understanding around how to take a disruptive technology from stealth to wealth, and what it takes to captivate the hearts and minds of any market.
Mark is our man out in the field, always on the look out for new opportunities for all, not just ourselves.
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Andy Williams

strategy, propositions, content, inbound

Andy joined Mark as co-MD of Cohesive in 2006 bringing with him plenty of client-side experience working at senior level with the likes of Newbridge Networks and Alcatel Lucent. On a day-to-day basis Andy provides the gravitas and lateral thinking necessary to make our clients PR and marketing strategies pack a punch and support ambitious growth objectives.
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Andy Crisp

strategy, public relations, content

Andy has worked as account director with some of the best agencies in the business and is using this experience to bolster our own consultative capabilities. He's a public relations man at heart, seamlessly coordinating efforts to fulfil the most challenging client briefs.
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Kate Anderson

public relations, content, social

Kate brings a varied wealth of experience to her account executive role, having delivered a range of national and local campaigns. She’s adept at seeking out coverage, and her tenacity to influence the most hardened of journalists helps our clients to stand out in crowded markets.
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Jacob Petterson

public relations, content, social

Jacob acts as the eyes and the ears of the PR teams, with a 360 degree view of all activity and an abundance of initiative to take on any challenge. We trained him from scratch and are proud to say he's taken to it like he was born to do it.
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Greg Halse

public relations, content, social

Greg has an incredible knack for sniffing out a priceless public relations opportunity and establishing and maintaining a host of key journalist relationships, making him an invaluable asset in our efforts to captivate the most hardened of tech markets.

Lucy Cone

content, social, inbound, outbound, automation

Lucy specialises in co-ordinating and advising on digital and content marketing, and social media strategies. She works in a consultative role, in partnership with our other specialists and managers, to deliver creative and effective solutions for our clients.
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David Evans

strategy, public relations, content

'Dev' has a split role, shaping client strategy and providing specialist content consultancy. He has a peerless ability to simplify the most complex technology proposition through his storytelling and an apparently limitless supply of illuminating metaphors.

Ryan James

strategy, propositions

Ryan devises brand strategies that work in the real world of fast growth business. His market insights can transform propositions and bring total clarity to go-to-market messages. When time is of the essence and competition fierce, that can mean the difference between success and failure.
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Leanne Rogers

inbound, outbound, automation

Working closely with her clients, Leanne manages wide ranging multi-channel campaigns with one eye on the bigger picture and the other on fine-tuning each element of the marketing plan. She knows the difference between just doing marketing to getting results.

Len Parsley

content, outbound, automation

What Len doesn't know about the tech industry probably isn't worth knowing! His breadth of knowledge around how the tech market operates provides an invaluable foundation for many of our market captivation strategies. This aptitude for all things technical lends itself well to data management and market automation too.
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Charlotte Fletcher

strategy, propositions, public relations

Charlie led the front line as one of our account directors for over 10 years and played a critical role in helping us fine tune our systems, processes and best practice. In her new consultative role, her creative mindset and strategic approach allows us to better understand our clients' needs and improve what we do to help meet them.

Jon Bawden

public relations, content, social

Having finessed his skills working the London tech PR scene, Jon is in his element managing complex projects and translating strategy into tangible results. He has a talent for bringing a story to life through refined copywriting, helping our clients to capture the attention of even the most elusive tech journalists.


From finances to HR, stationary to team socials, Pat plays a vital role in the smooth day-to-day running of the office. We couldn’t do without her fierce organisational skills, unwavering attention to detail and truly caring nature.

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We're looking for a talented and motivated individual to join our team as an Account Executive in Chepstow. If you think it could be you, apply now!

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