Discover your story

Discover is where you rediscover your purpose, and learn how to make it work for you.

You’ll know it by the buzz you get from it. You’ll want to share it. And the people who ‘get it’ will stick by you through thick and thin.

What is the discovery process?

The fully guided process looks like:

  • Research part 1: mostly deskwork, focused on content and early insights
  • Discovery workshop: sharing those first insights, getting the internal viewpoint, agreeing goals and commitments
  • Research part 2: the external view, from customers, prospects, influencers
  • Analysis phase
  • Mid-way Insights workshop: everything we’ve learned and inferred, for discussion
  • Creative phase
  • Why workshop – exploring your purpose

What discovery will give you

This is a full-on collaborative effort between you and us. We work in sprints, with meaningful pit stops for discussion, review and course-correction.

What you come away with:

  • A rediscovered or freshly articulated purpose – your why – agreed, explored, made real
  • An expression of your business’ values. Likewise.
  • An application of your why to the storylines of your choice. For instance, sample copy – About You, About Us – for a refreshed website. Or storytelling themes to power content development.


The whole process takes between eight to twelve weeks, and works for startups, scaleups and grownups.

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