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We caught up with BroadSoft’s VP of Corporate Marketing, Cheryl Ragland at CeBit to gauge some insights into how BroadSoft continues to outwit established competitors like Microsoft, Cisco and Mitel in their target markets.

BroadSoft is a communication software and service provider that helps millions of subscribers work smarter and stay connected.

How important do you think trade shows and events like CeBIT for BroadSoft?

CeBIT and other events like this are very important to us. We use these events to activate a major part of our branding and marketing strategy at BroadSoft.

Over the past 17 years our solutions have been sold through the channel via our carrier partners. Now while that will continue, we’re at a brand tipping-point where we’ve realised that the BroadSoft brand needs to be built through end-user communications.

“By understanding the end-user customer journey better, we can develop products that resonate with them and enable them to become more productive in their work processes.”


We want to create an identity amongst end-users so that they already know who we are and what we offer, ultimately asking for our solutions rather than depending on the channel to sell to them.

By understanding the end-user customer journey better, we can develop products that resonate with them and enable them to become more productive in their work processes. In turn, this helps our service provider customers to address their end user customer needs, adding tangible value to the service they already provide.

This year we’ve been able to partner at CeBIT with one of our largest customers, Vodafone Germany, and jointly launch One Net Business, a mobile first UC service built on BroadSoft solutions.

How do strategic partnerships like this help BroadSoft to captivate its market?

Partnering with such a well-known, and well-respected brand like Vodafone has allowed us to showcase how we can strategically enter a marketplace, and in turn, show how we can support our customers on a worldwide scale.

As a US based company, it is extremely important for us to partner with companies and agencies that help support our efforts in Europe and other regions, to provide strategic and tactical advice as to what might and what might not work. I really look to them to collaborate with me, and my team, to make sure they bring us the in-depth knowledge of the region.

So what is your key recommendation to brands who want to stand out in a crowded market?

This year, we have made a dedicated focus on truly understanding the needs, demands and expectations of the end users of our solutions; those at the coal-face who interact with BroadSoft powered services and solutions on a daily basis. I don’t believe there is a silver bullet, or a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

When it comes to marketing, I’m really looking to optimise our activity across all the different channels, such as PR, social, events, e-mail or direct marketing campaigns. But it’s important to understand our target audiences in each region and then make educated decisions on what tactics we need to employ and investments we need to make in order to deliver the greatest impact.

“I don’t believe there is a silver bullet, or a ‘one size fits all’ approach.”


This is where strategic partnerships with the likes of Cohesive and other agencies come into play the most. I need to be able to rely on my partners to inform these decisions on a continual basis throughout the year. Only then can we be flexible and shift dollars to areas that might be more important at a given time, be it a particular in-country campaign, launch or customer opportunity.

So what’s next for BroadSoft?

We’ll continue to work with the best strategic partners in the business to evangelise for us and it’s full steam ahead to build our brand further. It’s an exciting time for BroadSoft, so watch this space.

BroadSoft Cheryl RaglandYou can follow Cheryl on Twitter @Cherylbroadsoft and find about more about how BroadSoft captivated its audience at CEBIT here.



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