Five of our go-to marketing books

Five books on marketing and storytelling from our bookshelf.

Everything you needed to know – and practise – about content marketing is simple prose, and with a smile on its face. Our gospel.


Valuable Content Marketing

by Sharon Tanton and Sonja Jefferson

Successful organisations don’t feel the need to compete, because they’re not afraid to show us who they are.  This book that gives you a framework to help you articulate, live and lead with your story.

Story Driven: You don’t need to compete when you know who you are

by Bernadette Jiwa

Published in 2005, this has quickly become a classic. Questions the conventional definitions of business success. Reminds us that big does not equal great, and that great does not equal big.

Small Giants: Companies that chose to be great instead of big

by Bo Burlington


Social media is becoming a swamp. Aside from the sheer level of noise, your content is in the hands of mercenary algorithms. Opted-in email, on the other hand, offers a relatively clear channel for your valuable content. The emphasis here on ‘opted in’, and ‘valuable’. This short but brilliant book shows you how.

Do/open: How a simple email newsletter can transform your business

by David Hieatt

If Valuable Content Marketing was our gospel, then this is our Book of Mormon ( – according to Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone, that is). Both useful and profane. Currently free to download to your Kindle.

F*cking Good Content

by Dan Kelsall



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