Craft your story

Content that connects and converts

It’s always helpful, insightful and generous. It addresses the questions that most concern and intrigue the people that you’d most like to do business with. It reflects your expertise and experience. And it comes from your unique perspective – ideally, your purpose.

Content strategy

A content strategy is almost priceless. It’s where you figure out how to communicate your purpose (…or mission, if you like) through powerful themes that address important questions for your ideal customer.

We create your content strategy with you, not for you. The process takes about 4 – 8 weeks and looks like:

  • Discovery workshop: ambitions, goals, commitment (…and homework)
  • Research: focused on forming or validating personas
  • Mid-way workshop: personas insights; themes games and brainstorm(…and more homework.
  • Coming together workshop: crafting the strategy
  • Launch

You can speed the whole thing up with a little self-help

You take away:

  • A meaningful-but-agile content strategy, to immediately apply to the content planning process
  • A set of goals and measurements for your content
  • A more intuitive understanding of why you create content, who you’re creating it for, and what your opportunity looks like
  • A template to share with content planners and producers

What to know more? Read our guides on How to create meaningful goals and powerful personas for your content strategy and How to boost your powers of attraction with content that unleashes your passion

Content workshops

Your best stories live with your subject matter experts – and they can be just about anywhere in your organisation. We build workshops to the blueprint of your content strategy, and typically they look like:

  • Generating ideas for valuable content
  • Scheduling and commissioning
  • Coaching and supporting your subject matter experts to produce brilliant stuff and/or
  • Getting briefed by subject matter experts so we can produce brilliant stuff for you

Content creation

We welcome content commission, from PR and blogs to the deeper, more lasting content that wins you business. Based on your purpose and expertise, we use written and visual storytelling to share your best ideas.

  • Written storytelling

We love writing both long and short form content for your owned and earned channels. That means blogs, longer articles, guides, how-tos, white papers. We’re good with opinion, thought leadership, and expert commentary.

We write for projects, campaigns and as regular contributors. And we practise what we preach. Go look at our stories to see us in action.

  • Visual storytelling

For sure, imagery helps sell your words. Ask any social media influencer. But get it right and imagery can do much more than that. It can BE the story.

For example, this infographic  we created for MobileIron.

And our own imagery in our blog.

  • Rich storytelling

If you can think of a shorter route to the heart (and then the mind) than a lovingly-made video or animation then you ought to be doing our jobs. Seeing is feeling, trusting and believing.

And while podcasts are a very different ball game, the payback is largely the same. It’s been said that pictures look better on the radio. That’s because the medium requires us to exercise our imaginations. There’s an intimacy with audio that’s technically more difficult to create on video. Plus, you can consume it pretty much anywhere.

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