We’ve reimagined Public Relations for a purpose driven world. Working with the founders, leaders and marketers of tech businesses, we’re telling stories, writing compelling content and starting conversations - on purpose.

Your vision feels bigger than just growing and prospering?

You believe a successful business can be a force for good. Your formula may look like tech + purpose + entrepreneurship, and it’s the difference between smart businesses and great ones. What more can you do to honour it, nurture it, and communicate it?

You’ve had it with PR propaganda, pointless email or cold-hearted martech?

You believe that if you win hearts, the minds will follow. It’s going to take imagination, creativity, honesty, and patience. A scary prospect if everyone else is talking ‘tactics’. Well, you’re not crazy. And you’re not alone.

A great idea got you started, and now you need to tell the world?

You’re curious how stories capture imaginations, shift opinions, create a new consensus. How they build lasting connections with the people that matter most. Could a story about your purpose accelerate your success?

Marketing can sometimes be cynical. The fakery and bullshit can feel overwhelming. The fightback starts here.

Are you ready to find your story?

We’ll help you discover, craft and share your story. A story powered by purpose, because that’s the most original, truthful and compelling story you own.

Discover your story

So, what’s your purpose? Do you know why you do what you do? Maybe you already know some of it. Other parts could be hazier, waiting to be rediscovered. We’ll take you through a process – with research, insights and imagination – to guide you there.

Uncover your purpose and write it down, to inspire stories that truly mean something to the people that matter.

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Craft your story

Stories (or content, if you prefer) are our remedy for the world’s attention deficit. We create inspiring, illuminating, purposeful stories. Stories with the power to connect, influence and galvanise action. Guided by good strategy, we craft blogs, articles, videos, podcasts… for you and with you.

Create powerful content that connects with those you'd most like to do business with

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Share your story

Putting it out there. Sparking inspiration. Igniting a conversation. Connecting, engaging and embracing, through a shared narrative that’s bigger than all of us.

Public Relations – earned
Content Marketing – owned
Social – borrowed and paid

Create influence. Start conversations. Accelerate sales.

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Cohesive works with the purposefulness and agility of a start-up. We value their partnership which has been hugely valuable in sharing Rubrik’s story across EMEA.

Bipul Sinha
CEO and co-founder, Rubrik

Cohesive knows our business inside out. The team is often able to find new angles and directions for the stories we’re looking to tell, which is invaluable.

Rob Attryde
Head of Marketing, KYOCERA Document Solutions UK

The team at Cohesive are very strategic and think well beyond media relations. They’re aware of business needs and how to make their campaign more integral to the overall comms and marketing strategy.

Darshna Kamani
Communications Director EMEA, Barracuda Networks

Our story

Established in 1992 and re-imagined in 2006, we’ve been at the vanguard of tech innovation for more than two decades. Starting life as a B2B tech PR firm, we’ve evolved. We believe that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

So unlike many PR firms, you won’t find us pedalling propaganda or fakery, trumpeting about <insert bullshit here>  2.0, or working through the same old tired playbook. Instead you’ll discover curious and committed people, inspired by tech and passionate about crafting and sharing stories with a human-first approach.

We tell stories on purpose.

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