Story as a Service

Find the words you need to strengthen your startup or scaleup.

Is this you?

Story as a Service is an affordable way for founders and teams to find the words they need to help their business attract and begin new relationships. To prosper, and grow if that’s your goal.

You’d love to nail your story, tell it confidently, and trust it to land with your audience every time. Not easy. And you don’t get many chances to create that powerful connection – rapport, chemistry – with customers, investors and new team members. You know what good looks and feels like, but you’re not getting there fast enough.

Who is it for?

Startups and scaleups with not much cash, but plenty of purpose. Your mission will inspire us and your tech (if that’s your thing) won’t confuse us. Like you, we believe that great ideas can change the world. We’re sharing the founder’s journey with you.

What do I get

You’ll get an invaluable outside-in view of your business that will help shape your marketing strategy.

  • Your story blueprint. The how, why, what, of your business in language you and your customers will love
  • Essential copy for your website – e.g. your About Us page, key team profiles, product/service story
  • Your talk tracks – ideas for talking points and content that will help you connect with your audience

How it works

We’ll interview you and five key stakeholders, using those insights and real life experiences to draw up your story blueprint. The full experience spans six months, but we’ll deliver your story blueprint and the first copy in 6 to 8 weeks. We’ll organise 6 check-ins, one per month. In the first one, we’ll be telling you how we’re getting on. The second will be sharing the blueprint and story. The third – hearing from you on the progress you’re making. The last three – the long tail – we’ll cover things like tweaks, content planning, and sales enablement content.

What does it cost

£750 (+VAT) per month, for six months.

What’s next

If this is you, reach out to us, and we’ll organise a virtual coffee.

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