Helping you disrupt the existing order and loosen the grip of the established players in your marketplace. It’s targeted, precise, and effective.

Taking you to market


PR, media and analyst relations & advocacy

Win over your key industry stakeholders with closely targeted PR, media relations and advocacy so they enthusiastically spread the word on your behalf, opening doors and building brand awareness.

Content creation, campaign development & social networking

Utilise the power of content marketing and social networking to attract the attention of early adopters within your target market.

Web, email, direct marketing & lead generation

Conduct tactical outbound web, email and direct marketing campaigns to generate prime marketing leads and provide plentiful prospects for your sales pipeline.

Market Captivation


Market research, positioning, insights & strategy development

Create a plan of action that will drive your UK sales activity and successfully captivate the hearts and minds of your target audience.

Proposition(s) development & market captivation planning

Stake out your market position, bring your value proposition to life and craft a compelling story that will create shockwaves, customers and evangelists.

Marketing operations consultancy

Integrate all your different marketing activities and set up smart systems that enable you to efficiently test, measure, review and improve all aspects of your marketing operations.

Foundations for Success

We are Cohesive. The ‘go-to market’ PR & marketing partner for exciting businesses with complex, B2B technology propositions looking to captivate the UK market space and accelerate growth.

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