Staying Home This Summer? Travel The World Through These 5 TV Shows Instead

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1. Dark Tourist

A compelling, twisted docu-series aimed at those who like their vacations with an element of risk. Throughout the eight episodes of Dark Tourist, Kiwi host David Farrier explores some of the world’s most bizarre and often unsettling travel experiences. Documenting his wacky experiences in real time, Farrier takes us to places and spaces that are worth being seen. It’s full of moments of self-awareness and discovery. 

Gritty, insightful, and educational; those who enjoy Farrier’s kooky style and interests can also check out his cult documentary, Tickled.

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2. The Durrells

Inspired by Gerald Durrell’s autobiographical books about his family’s four years on the Greek Island of Corfu, The Durrells is a quirky British comedy-drama series. Escape on a Greek adventure as you follow Keeley Hawes starring as intrepid widow Louisa Durrell and her four children aspiring novelist Larry; Leslie, firearm enthusiast; Margo, sixteen and the only daughter of the family; and animal lover Gerry. 

If you enjoy The Durrells be sure to check out ‘My Family and Other Animals’ – the book on which the series is based. Youngest son of the Durrell family, Gerry would go on to become a revered conservation hero, and champion of all animals, especially those under threat and overlooked by others.

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3. Cruising India with Jane McDonald

Wakefield’s greatest export, queen of the seas, doyenne of day-time television and vocal sensation Jane McDonald explores some of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships. She’s made 38 sailings to sample and spread the joys of the cruise throughout the world.

This season sees Jane taking a trip on Portugal’s Douro river, a tour to India’s famed Golden Triangle, an emotional visit to the Taj Mahal and a Ganges river cruise. Take us there Jane. Take us there.

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4. Snowpiercer

Expanding on the dystopian universe first explored in a film of the same name, Snowpiercer follows the last of civilisation aboard a high speed train, condemned to circle the frozen globe on a never ending loop. 

With the world a frozen wasteland, issues of social injustice, class warfare and the politics of survival plague the remnants of humanity onboard Snowpiercer, 1,001 cars long. With its captivating world building, you’ll be engulfed in this thrilling post-apocalyptic journey.

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5. Selling Sunset

Binge-worthy and outrageously glamorous, Selling Sunset follows luxury Hollywood properties and The Oppenheim Group real estate agents that sell them. Full of gossip and drama, this reality tv show is the perfect easy-watching escape, combining opulent homes in paradisiacal locations with all the sensationalisation of a docusoap – think Real Housewives meets Millionaires’ Mansions.

With a third season due to drop this August, you can expect more scandal, romance, and feuds from Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn and their fellow elite agents as they sell luxe Hollywood homes for mind blowing commisions. Live your best LA fantasy!

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