How you can help Ukrainian people

4th March 2022

Niya Dobreva

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help Ukrainian people

This issue of The Clec is devoted to humans, and specifically the Ukrainian people. To those fleeing the horrors of war, to those fighting, to those waiting on the border to help out mothers and children, and to those far away whose hearts ache.

We didn’t feel it was right to press ahead with our scheduled issue, and instead dedicate this one in support of Ukraine, its suffering people and all activists and people of conscience around the world who probably feel overwhelmed in their desire to help out. 

Below you will find numerous links to charitable organisations that work tirelessly to help Ukrainian refugees, to support civilians within besieged cities, and the army itself. Please, consider donating or helping out in any means possible – your help matters and is greatly appreciated. In these hard times, we stand united against terror, united in our love for people, for freedom and life. 

How you can help

There’s a great BBC summary on how to help, not only with donations but by opening work spaces for Ukrainians or driving between the border and cities to support arriving refugees. 

You can bring humanitarian and medical aid to these collection points in London, and there’s a list at Ukrainian Events London of exactly what’s needed.

If you’re able to donate, you can do it via Save the Children, British Red Cross and UNICEF. The Ukrainian Institute London also has a roundup of places to donate and actions to take.

If you can give your time, you can volunteer at the Refugee Council. Or take part in Cook for Ukraine, a food and drink campaign to help children in Ukraine. 

You can also support Ukrainian digital artists by shopping on their Etsy shops – purchase digital files that automatically arrive in your mailbox, so they don’t need to post anything. And you can support owners of AirBnBs in Ukraine by booking their apartments. AirBnB has even waived all its fees so your money will go directly to people in need. Make sure you choose a date that is as soon as possible since the money only goes through when the booking starts. Check out this useful Instagram post for more information. 

Another way to help out is by opening workspaces within your company for Ukrainian refugees. In my home country Bulgaria many businesses have announced the opening of new positions specially for Ukrainian refugees arriving in the country. Some of these range from assistant producers in a film company to nail technicians to baby-sitters and chefs. 

Whatever you can do will be really appreciated, and it’s important to remember that we need to be there for the long term. The news cycle will turn, but repercussions of this terrible war are going to last for years. So, look after yourself too, so you can be there to help in the months ahead. 




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