15 good content questions for sales to ask marketing


We’ve been writing about how content is the unnamed 12th player on the sales team (for the footballers out there), scoring goals when you need them, even when you’re not on the pitch. And we’ve been advocating for building strong, sharing relationships with your marketing team. If you’re struggling to get that relationship going, here are a few conversation starters to try. In the workplace, you understand. Not in a bar. Nope.


How can I contribute to sharing market viewpoints and thought leadership?

Our industry | economy  | society  is throwing up some big, intriguing issues and challenges. Which of those can we hitch our narrative to?

Do we fully understand the roles our customer ‘types’ play in their organisation, and in procurement? Do we know their careabouts?

What insights can I share that will show our expertise?

Can we talk about our PR strategy? I’d like your thoughts on how it can influence our customers. And I’d like to understand how I can help fuel the machine.

What can I send to customers so they’ll get a feel for our values and know what we stand for?

What’s our keep-in-touch strategy for following up with new leads?

What’s the best example we have of a client success story in this sector?

I keep getting asked the same questions by customers. How can we turn this into content?

I’ve noticed that customers cool off at a certain point. Can we create something engaging to get them fired up and back on track again?

I’ve got an idea for the next newsletter, who should I speak to about it?

Can I come to the next content planning meeting?

What outcomes should I expect from your content marketing? And what do you think I should aim for through my own content sharing?

What tools can I use – beyond email and maybe social – to share my content with customers? Is there a trackable way of doing it?

I need a way of getting the attention of a potential client. What can we create to kick start useful conversations?

And if that’s intrigued you, why not read the full article!

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