The Positive News of 2021


In 2021, we need positive news more than ever. That is why the Cohesive team decided to be the hero with no cape and bring you the good news of the year – that we think are worth mentioning. There are many more out there, waiting to be discovered, and this issue of The Clec urges you to do exactly that. Find your positive 2021 news story and share it with us! 

Alice’s Good News

ReTask the Mask – Recycled Facemask Standard Litter Picker – Waterhaul

A social enterprise in Cornwall, Waterhaul, figured out how to turn used NHS PPE into litterpickers. 

Watching the imagination and care with which people have approached the endless challenges of the coronavirus pandemic has been a positive even in this year’s darker times. 

Waterhaul, a social enterprise based in Cornwall, raised over £35,000 on Kickstarter to recycle 115,380 single-use facemasks into litterpickers. 


Andy’s Good News

Mike ‘Puffa’ Jones didn’t know what he’s started when he bought a child’s bike for £2.50 from a charity shop, did it up, and offered it for free on Twitter. It became a child’s present for a family that couldn’t afford Christmas. Good news travels, and soon Mike was inundated with offers of free bikes, if he could find a good home for them.

Mike, from Newport, south Wales, knew of dozens of disadvantaged homes, including working families, asylum seekers, and families coping with long term illnesses or disability. So he just kept going.

His latest success: creating balance bikes for adults with learning difficulties. No such bikes exist on the market. Mike solved the problem by taking the cranks of adult BMX bikes. Simples.

Since starting in 2019 Mike, a keen cyclist, caregiver and full time absolute community hero, has upcycled and gifted more than 1000 bikes.

You can read his story, and donate cash, bikes or in-kind, here:


Haneen’s Good News

Chimps From Two Czech Zoos are Zooming Each Other Every Day

Have you ever thought about the sight of Chimps using zoom, and I am not talking about you and your co-workers, no. I mean real life chimpanzees zooming their chimpanzee friends over the lockdown! You know how it is, they don’t have access to FaceTime, so it’s the next best thing. 


Hector’s Good News

Smiley face on Norwich house still bringing joy after 50 years


Jemma’s Good News

Wally the walrus enjoys final rays of summer amid hopes of Arctic return – Wales Online 

Of course it has to be Wally the Walrus!

Who doesn’t love this tale of destruction, a lovable rogue and the welsh coastline? 


Niya’s Good News

Mexico Jaguar Numbers up in Mongabay

I think wildlife preservation has always been one of my top interests and I have felt so deeply for all animals that are endangered or extinct. Watching animal documentaries is sometimes dangerous for me because I end up crying! But this story on jaguar numbers increasing in Mexico made me smile because these are some of my favourite animals and their situation being more secured, only made me hopeful for the future. 


Sharon’s Good News

It’s been a Trump free year for the world.

This time last year there was still the fear that Donald Trump might hang on somehow. We couldn’t quite believe that he’d ever go. But despite his best (and craziest) efforts to destabilise the US, Biden took over in January, and the world has felt a little saner ever since. 


Liz’s Good News

In a year filled with ups, downs and so much confusion there wasn’t much time spent doing the things we usually would do, so like so many people, I took myself to social media. If you used Tik Tok during this year you might have come across a sneaky little trend which involved the creation of Ratatouille, The Tik Tok Musical. It was fun, playful and brought the theatre community (my home) together with the rest of the world.

In a dark time there was light, and that light was shining brighter than many even realised.

This didn’t only bring so many of us together, it did some real good. The online sensation that became “Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical” has raised over $1 million for the Actors Fund organisation and struggling performers impacted by the pandemic. Social media isn’t always bad.

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