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11th August 2021

Here at Cohesive we don’t much like playbooks. Or at at least, we know their place in the pecking order of usefulness around here.  Same goes for fakery, propaganda, and general marketing bullshit. So we did a quick take among our people, who were happy to throw a few grenades among the usual tropes. 

I advise people to try and create more engaging content on LinkedIn, so those polls you see that offer easy engagement should be a great idea. But I so can’t be bothered with them. People ask such inane questions. They feel really needy and I never engage. Do better, people.

– Sharon

My counter intuitive view on social media is ‘post less, engage more’, meaning spend less time ‘broadcasting’ and more time having ‘conversations’. Don’t force your opinion on others. Don’t rant and rage. Remember enragement doesn’t lead to engagement. Start a debate. Illicit other people’s views and opinions.

– Mark

My hot take might not come as a surprise – don’t be afraid to disagree. There’s a difference between thought leadership and thought followership, and I know which one I’d rather read.

– Matthew

Social media management and content creation is one of the things I love to do for clients, and I’m not too bad at it. That said, there’s something almost frustrating about having to manage my own social media presence. I engage on LinkedIn and Twitter the most, but that’s all linked to my professional progression. The idea of needing to create a beautiful life on Instagram for myself fills me with dread – who has time for that? I dislike having to constantly have an opinion, be witty and be engaging online, whereas when you’re doing it for a client, it’s always fun. It’s a little odd if you ask me.

– Liz

Linkedin especially seems to be a pit of self-congratulating narcissism at the moment and I continually see the same posts pop up with different authors, word for word. Make yourself stand out from the crowd, engage your following through different means and start a trend of bringing back value to your posts.

I’d also like to see a bit more personality on social posts from companies. It makes them more human, and gives me a glimpse of real people behind that faceless social media account! For example: Innocent Smoothies is doing brilliantly at this.

– Jemma

Please people, know the difference between simple information, and scintillating news. And understand that your audience is incredibly savvy and can smell the difference. For example, making it into a Gartner Magic Quadrant  (“One for every shape and size!”) is news to no one. Failing to make the Magic Quadrant – now that could be a story. A good test for breaking a story: is it unexpected and is it happening right now.?

– Andy

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