How Good King Wenceslas really got written…maybe

1st December 2023

Andy Williams

Co-founder, the wordy 'other half' | Intrigued by good content, and what it achieves | Bit of a nerd, quite creative, loves to write | Father, cyclist, activist | [ he/him ]

Sharon Tanton

Sharon is Content Director at Cohesive, and co-author of Valuable Content Marketing | Fascinated by the power of stories in making change | Loves gardening | Lives in Bristol

A hazy image of a boy collecting wood in a snowy forest, titled Good King Wenceslas. Cynical commentary calls in highlighter pen calls out the dodgy optics of the whole affair.

Picture the scene: Office of Christmas Carols Inc, home of writing all things Christmassy. Two staff writers have been given the job of penning a new carol with a historical twist. Time is running out. It’s snowy dark outside, and we pan back to see the remnants of the office Christmas party. The Alpine Cuckoo clock is ticking, the mulled wine is running low. Maybe this is how all great classics are penned. Maybe…


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