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10th February 2023

Sharon Tanton

Sharon is Content Director at Cohesive, and co-author of Valuable Content Marketing | Fascinated by the power of stories in making change | Loves gardening | Lives in Bristol

Alice Turner

Alice Turner

Strategic thinker and collaboration enthusiast | Enjoys getting stuff done | Senior account manager at Cohesive | Sea swimming, walking and dreaming of new places | [she/her]

If Cohesive was on a dating site, how would our profile read? Do you think we could date? Are we a match? Finding a good content and PR partner is a lot like looking for love. When it comes together, it’s magical but an awkward date puts everyone off.

Are we a match?

We like to think we have a good sense of humour (though that’s subjective) and we’ll never post any photos of ourselves with tigers or big fish.

We have strong opinions but can compromise. We know the best things happen when there’s more than one person in the room.

We won’t make assumptions about you. We’ll never ghost you. And we love to talk.

We’re attracted to science and tech. And we’re fascinated by the stories generated in the fusion of people, tech and planet.

We’re looking for…

Age isn’t important. We’re open to startups and established players. You’ll have an open mind, curiosity, an instinct to learn and share. Those things matter the most. 

Curiosity and challenge definitely are. You’ve looked outside of yourself and you care about new ideas and interesting causes. You like to see where you fit in the bigger picture.

Creativity in the relationship and in the day-to-day. Any sentence bookended by ‘creativity’ and ‘change’ will make total sense to you. You’ve thrown away the dog-eared playbook. You see creativity as a collaborative thing.

Some of our favourite clients, and why we work so well together

The communication and collaboration champions

They’re tackling one of the thorniest challenges facing businesses right now – how are we going to work together? Hybrid work is the new reality for many of us. Our client is working on the ground, getting businesses set up for success, so that people can connect and collaborate wherever they are. During the pandemic they were on the communications front line, working fast to transform organisations for hybrid working almost overnight. This stuff matters. They make sure that the most important contact centre in the UK is always able to listen, that our high streets are open for business, and that our biggest financial institutions can always communicate with their customers.

Because they’re working so closely with so many different organisations across so many sectors, they’re the pace setter for the evolution of flexible and hybrid working. That perspective is fascinating, compelling and incredibly well informed. And we get to discover and craft their very best stories.

The work is about great content, taking their audience on a journey from casual interest, to active problem solving, to purchasing and beyond. Blogs, guides, reports, animations, infographics. And it pivots on trust. They trust us with their most important customers. And right now, we’re training their internal content creators to be better writers, illustrators and animators, so we can make great content together.

Clean, green engineering machine

Quite new to us, but it feels like the start of something beautiful. We love them for all that they are – an innovative engineering and technology firm who punch well above their weight when it comes to putting sustainability at the heart of good hygiene. Their products create cleaner air, purer water and safer environments, while using less scarce resources and no harmful chemicals. But they’re pushing themselves further, to engineer a totally circular product lifecycle. Our client is investing in research and sharing what they learn with partners across the world, so everyone benefits. Our first project with them was discovering and crafting their ESG story, and creating a manifesto for change in their industry. That’s right in our sweet spot. Oh, and they’re moving their HQ to Cardiff.

Innovators to the core

What to say about the business that made the first light bulbs for Edison, invented Pyrex, put windows in every crewed NASA spaceflight to date, protects your iPhone display with the toughest glass on the planet, and built the primary mirror for the James Webb Space Telescope? They also invented, are the world’s largest manufacturer of, and continue to re-invent, optical fibre. The work is to create content that showcase the relevance and value of all that innovation to the latest generation of telecommunication service providers, cloud service providers, data centre operators and networking specialists.


If we’re any kind of match for you and your business, maybe we should chat? If we’ve floated your boat, drop us a note. Leave a comment below, or drop us a line to purpose@wearecohesive.com

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