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On March 17th 2022, Cohesive Communications turned sixteen. Turning sixteen is an interesting time in anyone’s life – your secondary school experience is drawing to a close, and you’re just on the brink of adulthood. Overall it’s an exciting yet daunting time. The team at Cohesive HQ have been working hard to prepare for their own super sweet sixteen and all the fun that will surely follow. As they look towards the next sixteen years, the team decided to take out their crystal balls, and dream for a minute and make 16 PR wishes, for the future of our industry and for Cohesive itself.


Andy’s first wish was that Cohesive remains, in his own words, about ‘purpose’ and ‘impact’.

“Lots of businesses see ‘business’ as their sole purpose. But a growing number see themselves in business to solve problems for people and the planet, not cause them. We definitely see ourselves in that second tribe – but we can do better. One way we can do that is to help others in our tribe to tell their story more effectively, so that they can have their impact.”

And his second wish is all about diversifying the media.

“The advertising industry demonstrated early on in the evolution of the web – as digital came to dominate – that the story mattered more than the medium. Experiential Marketing firms, Activation Marketing firms, Social Media Marketing firms and PR firms are all aiming to insert their brands into the zeitgeist. To influence public opinion, in other words. And it all starts with a story: the rest is just tactics. So my wish is for ‘PR’ to step out of its media relations slump and embrace the full, diverse and inclusive mix of public relations.”


For her first wish, Alice was all about making a difference.

“We are a team of thinkers and doers and I want to see us stretch ourselves and use our energy to make a difference. Telling good stories about the world around us is one of the only ways to have a positive impact.

And her second wish was for a life away from the screen.

“If I was to think about the future of PR, I’d love to see more real, creative conversations happening rather than the drudge of emails and social media. Wouldn’t it be nice?”


Wish number five, and her first wish, was for Cohesive to stay proud of its people.

“The beauty of Cohesive is in their ability to polish untapped potential. My wish for Cohesive is that they continue to breathe this into the industry. Cohesive is something different that the PR world needs, and I hope that continues.”

Her second wish was for a stronger relationship between PRs and journalists.

“Building relationships is paramount. I wish that journalists would be more understanding of the PR scene, and in turn, some PRs to be more understanding of journalists. I hope that one day the unspoken battle between the two industries will cease, and we can finally be at peace.”


Gina’s wish for Cohesive was all about keeping their core values.

“I hope that Cohesive will keep seeing its people as valuable and continue to protect them and make them feel like they matter and are making a difference.”

And her wish for the future of the industry?

“I hope PR can step back a little and retain more face value – we’ve all got lost in technology and personal relationships with our audiences are suffering as a result.”


Mark’s first wish for Cohesive is lasting legacy.

“My wish for Cohesive is that it creates a long lasting legacy. A legacy that is built on great people doing great work for great businesses. A legacy of Davids triumphing over Goliaths. Of ‘why’ over ‘what’, of purpose over propaganda, and impact over inaction. Of courage, curiosity, creativity and community. Now that’s a business I’d like to work for!”

His second wish revolves around PR’s evolution to adapt.

“PR needs to evolve or die. There, I said it! For many, the term PR has become shorthand for press relations or even press release. There’s an unhealthy obsession with achieving media coverage at all costs, to the point that propaganda and fakery become the norm. The old adage ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’ has never been more true. For PR to survive and thrive we have to remember its broader definition – Public Relations. It’s about humans – people, communities, tribes. It’s about stories that connect at an emotional level, that build trust and create authentic influence. PR is dead, long live PR.”


For her wish, Sharon asked for curiosity to stay integral.

“I hope Cohesive will carry on championing great stories. I hope it never loses its sense of curiosity, and it never stops asking questions. I hope it carries on attracting great people to work in it and with it. Happy Birthday Cohesive!”


Matthew’s wish was for Cohesive to stay outside of the box (and some furry friends too!)

“I hope Cohesive never starts to sound like any other PR agency. I hope it will continue to collect stories as the dazzling constellation of bright and brilliant team members work their socks off for our client base of disruptive Daniels. Oh, and I hope there will always be an office dog.”


For our thirteenth wish, Niya asked for more creativity.

“My only wish, both for Cohesive and the PR industry, is to keep being as creative and interesting. The field challenges every fibre in you and always prompts you to be even more creative and engaging. Now, that’s an irreplaceable skill!”


Tommy’s wish was for Cohesive to keep finding their why.

“I hope that Cohesive continues pursuing the “why” and not the what. This is what has created its success, and will continue to facilitate companies’ stories for the benefit of them and their customers.”


Our fifteenth wish was for real, true, honest authenticity.

“I wish for more ethical, genuine PR. I love that Cohesive is all about this, and I want it to be the standard across the board. Real stories with real purpose and integrity.”


Our sixteenth and final wish was for the future of PR itself, the new PRs who are yet to begin their journey, but will soon be stepping into those shoes and pushing to make a difference.

“I wish for PR to become more personal relationship-based for Junior PRs and for journalists to help us forge new relationships and connections. I hope Cohesive flies the flag for change for as long as it possibly can.”

Over the past sixteen years it’s pretty clear that Cohesive has been firmly focused on helping their people achieve their best, and push them to find their white. To this day, the team does their best for their clients, in a tough, highly competitive industry. But, looking through the wishes, it would seem the best is yet to come, and the next sixteen years will have more to offer than ever before.

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