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Niya Dobreva

Avid book reader and animal lover | Enthusiastic | Account Executive at Cohesive | Passionate about pole dancing, yoga, sea and mountains| [she/her]

I didn’t know it then, but my Cohesive journey started on the train between Cathays and Cardiff Central station. I was headed to Chepstow where my interview with the team would be. While on the train, I asked myself … “Wait a minute, what do I actually know about Cohesive?” I googled them and among the dictionary explanation of the word, I saw the, now so beloved, “”. Some digging brought out Olivia’s blog on her experience at Cohesive. I spent the rest of my journey going through the website and reading the Clec’s main articles – little did I know I would grow so much in love with the Clec and its therapeutic production process!

"Walks with the Cohesive team on our lunches are a memory of peacefulness, sun and shared laughter"

It could be my hopelessly romantic soul, but that journey to Chepstow felt very exciting and unique. The train was passing serene fields, the Severn Bridge emerging from the hills with its promising beauty. To this day, Chepstow feels like a fresh breeze, walks with the Cohesive team on our lunches are a memory of peacefulness, sun and shared laughter.

Friends, not colleagues 

Every time I walk in the office on a Thursday, I am greeted with smiles and it feels like I am walking in a room full with friends rather than colleagues. Don’t get me wrong – we do professional Zoom calls and meeting plans, but we also have nice chats, heated debates around the lunch table, and a long list of TV shows we recommend to each other. What I like about Cohesive is that you get a 2 in 1: a friend and a professional direction. When I started, I felt so supported – everyone would encourage me to ask questions and explore my own ideas and they would provide me with all that is necessary to work productively. There was an abundance of PR plans, templates, flow charts, and even guide videos that got shared with me to help me navigate my first weeks in Cohesive. Most importantly – I was allowed to grow, to pursue my own interests. And like a flower –  I was being nourished with a solid base of everyone’s support and waterfalls of friendly advice, work edits, and new exciting projects that kept coming my way.

"With Cohesive you get a 2 in 1: a friend and a professional direction."

A team, not a hierarchy 

When doing an internship, many people may wonder: is that all that is there for me? Often, unfortunately, internships for young people consist of lots of admin work and little action on the playing field. In Cohesive I was introduced to clients and allowed to participate in the conversation as an equal. I was asked what I would like to do and I was supported on my journey to my goal. And not only I was asked what my objectives were, I was always asked about my opinion – on the project, on a campaign, on the account itself. From day one, I was not only part of the team – I felt I was integral to it. And in Cohesive we all are. We are all integral parts to the success of the company and people make sure to tell you that you are valued, you are appreciated, you are doing great!

And if you like me are reading this blog on your way to your interview (or even your first day at Cohesive), here are five little tips and tricks on how to make the best out of your internship:

Get stuck in. Don’t be afraid to take up a big project and really work on it. It will build up your confidence and various communication skills. We appreciate the get-stuck-in attitude and cherish it. Even if you meet challenges on the way, the journey is what matters and after all – we are here to help support you become a professional.

Ask questions. Instead of trying to figure out the seemingly encrypted email, ask. Ask for help, for directions, for interpretations. And your questions don’t need to be only related to on-going projects. Ask what else you can work on. Ask whether anyone needs help. Be available and show that to the team and you shall be rewarded … with more projects (which is what we want, right?)

Talk. Talk. And Talk. We want to hear your stories. We want to hear what you have to say about the project and what your ideas are. At Cohesive, we value plurality and storytelling is at the heart of what we do – so what you have to say truly matters to us!

Be creative. No idea is too grand – be ready to share your creative endeavours with us and we can work together on doing something you will enjoy that reflects you and your ambitions. Sometimes it could feel that there isn’t much space for creativity in some projects, but trying to add that flair can do wonders for your clients.

Download the Coffee 1 app. No joke – Coffee 1 is probably where you will spend most of your salary. Their chai latte is pure ambrosia and everyone needs a sparkle cake during a frantic afternoon sometimes. The employees of the coffee shop know us all and are used to us stealing their mugs and returning them a week later!

Becoming part of Cohesive has been the best decision in my short professional career and not only have I become more confident in my skills, more creative and definitely more skilled, but I am a family richer! 

If you would like to talk to someone about a potential career at Cohesive, you can contact Alice Turner at

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